Дизайн и проектирование
user experience

Дизайн и проектирование

We're a creative duo
We design nice websites and handy interfaces

Our design is a sensible thing.
We value common sense, simplicity and usability.
Дизайнер на Тильде
Our expertise is over 20 years (for two) of design and product solutions
We know how to solve your problem, because we have already solved a similar one
We are modern, open-minded and straightforward. You will enjoy working with us. Positive.
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Дизайнер на Тильда
Дизайнер на Тильда

Design emotional experience

Focus on what's important
Brush up the texts
Break into complexity with design development
Design development
Project development is the process of eliminating white spots in a project statement.
Sometimes, it is enough to specify a set of menu items. More often you need to start with goals and objectives.

Here's how it works:
1. We agree upon the goals and objectives of the project.
2. Based on the tasks, we determine the required set of user scenarios.
3. We describe the interaction with the system within these scenarios:
  • Required functionality
  • Information that the user gets or provides
Now that the system requirements are defined, it becomes clear which pages or screens our website or application will have, and what we need to place on each of them. We can move on to the design!
  • Data collection forms
  • CRM
  • Payment systems
  • Delivery services
  • Mailing campaigns services
Set up Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics.
Perform basic SEO optimization.
Publish the site on your domain
We show you how to manage content, and support you after the site goes live.




Simple and neat website about your business or product
from $ 500


Custom design, animation, all about engagement
from $ 1000
What affects the price
How we work
What affects the price?
The number of unique pages (ones with different structure and/or content).

Functionality. All required interactions, like showing a video or accepting payments. In some cases, we may need to connect external services or work with code.

Customization. It is all about how far we will move away from the standard Tilda templates. Animation also counts.

Content. Basically, the amount of work to brush it up. Preparing quality texts and photos takes time. It's good if you already have them.

Your definition of target goals and objectives. If you know exactly what you want and can explain it, the chances of success increase dramatically, and the risks and costs decrease.

How we work
We start with preparing a project statement, because it is important to understand what exactly needs to be done before actually doing something. The more complex the project, the more information we need to collect.

When the project statement is ready, we name the time and cost of work.
We make a simple and understandable contract with you, you transfer an advance payment of 50%, and we start working.

We work on a design concept. We look for the design that will meet the goals of the project, and of course, the one that you will like. Of course, this is not a blind search, but the work within a specific format and time frame.

Now that we understand what kind of design we need, off we go! We create a website for web and mobile devices, set it up, connect external services.

The site is ready!
You pay the rest of the amount, and we move the site to your account in Tilda.

We provide support to all clients and help them learn how to work with their new website.



Pavel Sherer
It's rare to see designer dive so deeply into a project at the start - I tell you this as a producer
Masha Bratisheva
After lots of experience communicating with Russian contractors, it was as if I got to Germany
Katerina Bu
DO Studio has a clear understanding of a quality product, so it's not easy to lead them astray
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