Pavel Sherer
Not only did the guys hit the bull's-eye with the concept the first time (for this alone, you need to praise them, because few people dive so deeply into a project at the start - I tell you this as a producer), but they showed incredible patience with my unprincipled perfectionism and meticulousness (and this is a separate story: meshes, components, customization - I'm really a very nerdy client). The guys also showed miracles of professionalism, and even despite my numerous attempts to prevent them, they made a really cool design.

In short, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Masha Bratischeva
We worked with the guys in 2019, and made the website of the Italian estate https://incantico.ru for coaching trainings.

It is a special pleasure to work with Dasha as a designer - I have rarely met such love for details before starting work with DO Studio: at first we had a rather long conversation about what we want to achieve with the site, and despite the vague “you know, so it would immediately feel like you are in Italy”, Dasha unified pictures of different quality, suggested a video from a drone for the main page, and she was not afraid of our requests to change something and work more on something.

I don't know if this is a similarity of characters or professionalism, but it seemed to me that Dasha understood me perfectly
It is very pleasant to work with Oleg as a manager: he does not disappear into the night; if he does not know the answer, he honestly offers to think and come back with an answer in an hour or a day or two. And what is amazing - he came back with an answer exactly at the appointed time! After lots of experience communicating with Russian and Italian contractors, it was as if I got to Germany

Katerina Bubalo
My knowledge of website development is about zero, but the guys explained everything at my level. This is very cool, I think.
DO Studio has a clear understanding of a quality product, so it's not easy to lead them astray.
The task was to make it juicy and tasty, and so it turned to be.
As a result, the project was recognized by Tilda professionals as "that’s how it should be done".
And most importantly, my mom liked the website, and this is like mission impossible. And the guys did it!

Technical and efficient work. Thanks!

Viktoria Vlasova
I really wanted everything to be very simple and stylish, so that the site was not overloaded with text, pictures, buttons, etc. Dasha understood me perfectly and after seeing the draft I didn't even want to change anything, as it was exactly what I needed.
For me, as a person who does not like difficulties, a pleasant bonus when creating a site was that it took no more than 20 minutes on my part (including preparation for the first filling of the site). I just said: "I want it to be stylish and with the minimum of details."

Dasha and Oleg, thank you for the easy communication, amazing result and your help (video instructions about using the site 👍)
Max Calyuzhniy
Oleg and his team made a website for a corporate product Yasno. I really liked that we worked on schedule, in understandable short iterations of 3-5 days. The guys responded to our ideas and comments to the point, but at the same time they smartly cut off unnecessary stuff. As a result, the landing page was ready in 2.5 weeks and was immediately liked even by the part of the team that did not take part in its creation.

Василий Цедик

Guys, if you still don't have a website or a landing page or a promo page, I highly recommend the excellent specialists from DO Studio, they are real pros. By the way, they made an excellent site for our production company.

This is 100% proven!
Кирилл Онопричук
Clearly posed questions, quick answers to mine, correct advice in terms of the structure of the site, fast work (the site was completed in 5 days) and very pleasant prices.

So, if you need a landing page with logic and / or a website - I recommend DO Studio!

Лера Unco
My new site finally looks the way I wanted 😍

I want to express my deep gratitude to Dasha from DO Studio for translating ideas into reality, for feeling me through my work so subtly that we had a minimum of corrections. 👌🏻
Ирина Таймасова
Before choosing the guys, I reviewed more than 30 proposals. I wrote that I am looking for designers on Facebook and made a table. DO Studio won, because there was a confident checkmark in all the points:
✔ a recommendation from a trusted ex-colleague (she has made more than one landing page for marketing large companies with different teams)
✔ good design quality of past works
✔ high speed of work
✔ adequate cost
✔ the right questions at the first meeting about the product, goals, customer journey
✔ emotional involvement and interest in the product
✔ ease of communication, understanding
To these advantages, I can only add that the guys met my expectations. I especially liked the activity of the team in proposing solutions; thoughtful and relevant attitude to design; no elements for the sake of elements. The guys worked in detail on what kind of emotional experience our client would receive on the landing page, whether it would be convenient for him and what information he would find out.
Moreover, DO Studio has strong management: everything was done on time.

We are very satisfied. I recommend them with confidence. If we have similar tasks in the future we will definitely come back to DO Studio.